Harold's - The Original Beer Pickle Gherkins - Super Hot and Dill Spicy Pickle Gherkins Packed With Fresh Garlic and Habanero - Made in Texas


Harold's - The Original Beer Pickle Gherkins - Super Hot and Dill Spicy Pickle Gherkins Packed With Fresh Garlic and Habanero - Made in Texas

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Naranjo
Small Pickles

Pickle have changed from thick but slices to tiny gherkins. These are about half as HOT as the original beer pickle. My guess would be because of the exposed sides of the pickle slice allows them to soak up the heat. The Gherkins do not allow this. These missed the mark.

Jacob Thunstrom

Love these, only wish they were spicier

Michael Martin
So delicious!

Some of the most flavorful pickles I’ve ever had and I love them!!!

Timothy Sisk
Best spicy pickle ever

A long time ago my mother got us a few bottles of these and they lasted us nearly 2 years because they re so hot. I was sad when we used the last of the brine up in some chicken and rice stir fry I made (you have to try it) so I was delighted when I saw these on Haroldspickles. They re not as hot as I remember but if you eat more than 4 in a row you ll pay for it.These things are fantastic the flavor is great and the heat can be life changing if you re not careful. I m elated to have them in my pantry (and fridge) again!

Ashlie Wegener
Very Spicy pickle! Good Crunch

These were the spiciest pickles I have tried. I have to say they have a good flavor and are not just spicy. I couldn t eat all of them at once but think in moderation these would be great. A great change from other pickles! I plan on sharing them with friends at a party. I m very happy with this purchase. Can t wait to try more pickles.

Rated X: Extreme heat. These spicy pickle aren't for wimps. They are habanero-flavored beer pickles that pack heat with a touch of garlic and dill. These are a sophisticated spicy pickle

Beer Pickle: Harold's beer pickle is a deliciously garlic dill spicy pickle. This hot n spicy pickle has zero chemicals, is extremely spicy, a bit salty, and packs a nice crunch. 

Spicy Bloody Mary Pickles:  Bloody Mary Pickles need to have robust, fiery flavors. Add this beer pickle to create a perfect bloody mary for your friends and family that take it to another level.

Perfect Pairing For: Adding a kick and flavor to burgers and sandwiches. Or simply enjoy this spicy pickle with a cold beer, sardines, a chub of bologna, a perfectly smoked brisket, or some breakfast tacos to spice up your morning. Their spice and heat stand alone. You think of fiery pickles, and full of flavor when you hear "habanero garlic pickles." 

Texas Made: Harold's Texas beer pickles, okra, and olives are deliciously Texan. Texas-made is the only way to create a truly perfect beer pickle recipe. Go Texan Proud.

About our Pickles: Conscious Choice Foods preserves the art of handmade pickle taste. We provide farm-fresh, hand-packed authentic pickles.

The Myth behind the Beer Pickle: Legend says that the recipe for these ultra-spicy pickle dates back to when peppers were first found growing next to crisp cucumbers in the Garden of Eden. While others believe that the truest start came from Rastifarian Priests hoping to quench the desires of untamed rowdiness. Whichever version you choose to believe is up to you - but all legends agree that these pickles are the end-all, be-all, cure-all to the world’s troubles. Tis’ a burn that is said to only be quenched by a crisp beer of your choosing - these flavors are not for the weak, but for those who live life boldly and unafraid!