Harold's - OLMEC Spicy Olives - The Perfect Dirty Martini Olive - Packed With Fresh Garlic and Habanero - Made in Texas

spicy olives

Harold's - OLMEC Spicy Olives - The Perfect Dirty Martini Olive - Packed With Fresh Garlic and Habanero - Made in Texas

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
walter ector
chucks hot okry

love this stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent taste! great heat and flavor

Walter Smith
yummy pickles

I have know Harold for many years. My daughter April Smith did demos for him. The Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater was one of her favorites. The Olives were awesome.

Erin McClure
The perfect amount of olives on the go

The perfect amount of olives on the go. This flavor is really spicy, also they are very good. They are the perfect amount for just a snack of olivesor to add to a single salad or pasta dish. I love doing a hummus plate with a packet of marinated artichokes, these spicy olives, and some feta cheese. Perfect single serving. And no weird juice or anything in the packet so you can just pour them out into your salad or whatever.

Carrie Moore
Amazing spicy olives

The best tasting olives I HAVE FOUND. I purchased as a surprise for my wife and she absolutely loves them. She said they are just salty enough and full of flavor.

Shari Marine
Best olives I have ever eaten!

I used to by the stuffed olives in the local grocery stores here where I live in Florida, but all those brands were too salty. But this one right here? This one right here is the best, hands down! I've purchased them twice so far and plan to buy them again in the near future. They are the perfect healthy snack to munch on while watching the big game.

Rated R: Restricted - This rating is for spicy olives specifically designed for mature taste buds and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17 or those with weak palates.

OLMEC SPICY OLIVES: The Original Sacrificial Olives! Regular olives won’t measure up once you get a taste of these! After centuries of this recipe being buried in the jungles of ancient Mexico, these habanero garlic olives are ready for your taste buds. Gourmet Taste & Superior Quality: This spicy olives recipe, as well as our other products, are fresh & always hand-packed to assure that you get the best from us!

Enjoy An Ancient Delicacy: These pickled spicy olives with garlic are what kept the ancient Yucatan buzzing with electric culinary excitement and rumor has it that these were consumed by the highest priest on sacrifice day. (It was like their tailgating, but a bit deadlier)

Dirty Martini: Make that martini dirty or finish off your perfect Sunday bloody mary. Install on a pizza to bring boring back life or throw into a salad for some WOWZER!!

Texas Made Pickles:  Harold's Texas pickles, okra, and spicy olives are deliciously Texan. Texas made is the only way to create a truly perfect pickle recipe. Go Texan Proud. 

About Our Pickles: Here at Conscious Choice Foods, we preserve the art & techniques of homemade pickle flavor pickle. Farm-fresh to table, always hand-packed, we present to you the pickled products!

The Myth Behind Harold's Olmec Olives: When explorer’s unearthed the recipe to these sacrificial olives they knew it would be hard to keep the secret for themselves. Much like a wildfire, the news of these delicious olives' flavor spread quickly enveloping everyone within reach! Historians believe that this exact recipe was used in some of the first dirty martini and woodfire pizza recipes and now it is accessible for all your modern day spice and zest desires.