Harold's - Purdy Hot Pickles -Crinkle Cut Spicy Pickle Slices - Packed With Fresh Garlic and Habanero - Made in Texas


Harold's - Purdy Hot Pickles -Crinkle Cut Spicy Pickle Slices - Packed With Fresh Garlic and Habanero - Made in Texas

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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Downing
Fantastic, spicy pickles, I am obsessed

I love spicy pickles....and these were just the perfect amount of spicy without being overwhelming. Seller didn't do 32oz so he sent me 2 pints instead. I ate both pickle jars in a week. I could not stop eating them. They are addictive and fantastic and now I'm buying them in 6 packs because I love them so much!! Some of the best spicy pickles I've ever had. Delicious! Wish they were in stores where I live, but I'm fine ordering them online for now!

Inouye Curt
Really good spicy pickles at least one purchase

I ordered these during my online search for really good spicy pickles. I got the 2x spicy and they were nice with a kick. I am curious about the 4x spicy now. These were very crunchy. I know there are other spicy pickles lovers out there like me. So this is pretty good. They are cut into pretty big chunks though which is not exactly my cup of tea. But still these are the best second to the van holtens hot mama and spicy pickles. (Although can holtens tend to be super hot and also super sour) these pickles are t very sour which I find nice. They dont. Have 32oz jars, so they send two 16 oz instead which I dont have a problem with at all.

Laurel Pointer
My family's new favorite spicy pickles!

We have ordered these spicy pickles several times. My husband loves these. The pickles are packed with flavor!! Don't sleep on these. Thanks again to the seller for making them!! Some of the best spicy pickles I've ever had. Delicious!

Vanessa McLean
these spicy pickles are amazing

A true spicy pickles. Not any of that sweet and spicy bread and butter BS. Perfectly salty, sour and crunchy! They were a little spicy for me though, so I had them with some milk.

Donna Biasatti
At last…..

My family has enjoyed Harold’s Pickles for many years. Several years ago we were able to purchase from H‑E‑B but they discontinued selling them and we haven’t found them in stores since. I was glad to find their website and was able to purchase for my three sons. They were so excited to get them. Best pickles ever. Thank you.

Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. They may not be suitable for children or some adults.

Purdy Hot: This is Dern Hots’ little brother. Harold took the same pure and unadulterated ingredients; but with only 1 butterflied habanero, instead of 2. He tamed the beast so to speak. Spicy pickles are a delicious and flavorful snack with a perfect balance of heat and sweetness. These spicy pickles have a satisfying crunch and can add some extra zest to any sandwich or charcuterie board.

Habanero Pickles: The art of making craft pickles is not exact. 1 habanero should have less heat than 2 habaneros but mother nature doesn’t use a measuring cup. Harold always said; “When a person opens a jar of habanero pickles, prepare for a lovely surprise.”  These make hot and spicy pickles go extremely well for slicing on burgers and sandwiches. Chopping for tuna salad, potato salad, macaroni salad and deviled eggs, will have you coming back for more. 

Spicy pickles: Spicy pickles are pretty spicy. The spicy pickles are an excellent snack for any occasion, and we especially love to eat them while enjoying our favourite beer. Each bite of our habanero dill pickles practically begs for a sip of beer to wash it down. These spicy pickles are the perfect snack food. Spicy pickles have a nice kick, but they’re not overwhelming. Harold’s pickles make spicy pickles with three different recipes. These Texas made pickles are habanero dill pickles, but the habanero in the spicy pickles is just there to give a bit of kick to them.

Texas Made Pickles:  Harold's Texas spicy pickles, okra, and olives are deliciously Texan. Texas made is the only way to create a truly perfect pickle recipe. Go Texan Proud. 

About our Pickles: Here at Conscious Choice Foods, we preserve the art & techniques of homemade pickle flavor pickle. Farm-fresh to table, always hand-packed, we present to you the pickled products!

The Story about Harold: You might think this new age farm boy has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to produce. However, he is a pickle master and takes pride in the products he sells. Believe him when he says a pickle might have some kick - he knows exactly what goes into making the best pickle. Classic dill, purdy hot habaneros, or his dern hots bringing the heat - you won’t find a jar of Harold’s pickles in this world that he didn't make sure was perfect before finding its way to you.